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Concrete Repair Preparation

Waste Water Re-Injection

    Air Force / Army Industry

Coating removal from Aeroplanes and Rockets

    Propellant and explosives washout from Rockets
    Fuel tanks repair (internal layer removal) in enclosed and confined areas of vehicle
    Defusing live and expired bombs and ammunition
    Vehicle Cleaning
    Aluminum Plant Industry
    Removal of hardened bauxite dust on mills, filters, floors, tanks sumps and sewers. 
    Cleaning Heat Exchangers and tubes
    Internal cleaning using tank cleaning heads upto 17,500 PSI
    Removing encrusted deposits form pipelines
    Removing extremely hard and thick waste deposits form production plant
    Automotive Industry
    Paint and solder removal from booths, machinery, grating, conveyors, car panels etc.
    Skid & hanger cleaning, Conveyor chain cleaning, Vehicle washing in service stations
    Decoring aluminum castings such as engine blocks, cylinder heads, gearbox housings and exhaust manifold with wet sand blasting
    Paint removal from plastic and fiberglass parts (bumpers, panels, fenders etc.) of cars for recoating and reusing.
    Cement Industry
    Removal of dirt, grease and cement buildup on grates, floors, external piping, bins, walls, hopper cars and handling equipment.
    Cleaning of cooler hearths, preheater columns, bins, hopper cars, floors, rotary kilns & walls from hardened cement deposits.
    Cyclo Jamming Removal
    Chemical Processing Industry
    Blasting chemicals deposits from boiler tubes, storage tanks, valves, autoclaves, euro containers, evaporators, heat exchangers, tube bundles, vessels, agitators, chemical reactors.
    Decontamination , disinfection, Cleaning of spray towers, dryers, filter stations
    Pipe and drain cleaning, Abrasive cutting in hazardous zones
    Construction Industry
    Hydro demolition, Rubber and hydraulic fluids removal from concrete  surfaces
    Floor cleaning, Laitance removal, Cutting concrete, Cleaning scaffolding
    Selectively stripping layered materials such as damaged rendering, plaster and asphalt
    Pipe and drain cleaning, Abrasive cutting in hazardous zones
    Roughening and preparation works on concrete and stone surfaces and many other...
    Highway Maintenance Industry
    Cleaning of grease, vegetation, mud, tar, cement or asphalt on vehicles and machinery.
    Cleaning of graffiti, stains, paint strips, expansion joints, tar and mastics on concrete bridges, overpasses, highways and parking.
    Unblock culverts on bridges & clean up overspills
    Marine & Offshore Industry
    Removal of marine growth, barnacles, loose paint and rust on ship hulls, docks, ballasts, platforms, storage tanks and boilers.
    Under water cleaning of pipe and drilling platforms of barnacles and marine growth to “white metal”
    Cleaning of tubing at water treatment plants, boilers and heaters
    Mining Industry
    Vehicle washing and cleaning
    Premaintenance cleaning of dumpers, drag lines, underground haulage lines and shafts, aids in the recovery of ore.
    Cleaning of plant machinery due to coal, rock dust, mud or oils.
    Oilfield Industry
    Coating removal from platforms, hulls, decks, ballast tanks and other structures
    Removal of paraffins and crude residues on platform, storage tanks, equipment sumps and sewers.
    Removal of drilling mud and cement from drilling pipes and sewers.
    Hydrostatic testing of hoses, pipes and fittings
    Pipe-Industrial  Industry
    Removal of varnish, dope and oil from pipe and pipe threads for inspection.
    Removal of drilling mud, cement and debris in various kind of pipe(internal and external cleaning)
    Generating hydraulic power for pipe bending machines 
    Hydro Static & rupture Test
    Power Stations ( Thermal / Nuclear ) Industry
    Nuclear decontamination of fuel capsules, “U” tube exchangers, flash from preheater tubes.
    Hand tools and equipment for power stations industrial cleaning.
    Cleaing drains, pipework, ash water lines, exhuast gas pipes
    Cleaing coal bunkers, clarification and sedimentation basins, oil tanks, smokestacks, cooling towers, Cleaning boilers and boiler pipework
    Public Utilities Industry
    Cleaing drain ans sewer networks
    Cleaning and renovating pipelines, water towers, reservoirs
    Maintenance of highways, bridges, pedestrian zones, parking areas, canals, water treatment plants etc.
    Cleaning navigator aids, Cleaning and renovation of airport runways, aprons
    Road and runway marking removal, Cleaning of public transport and other vehicles
    Pulp & Paper Industry
    Cleaning of Press sections, screens and rollers of paper machines, suction rolls, stock chests and lines.
    Water jet cutting of paper, cardboard, fiber board, paper, felt, corrugated board
    Cleaning pipe work, tanks, tube bundles
    Cleaning of grease, oil, pitch dirt and wood pulp from heat exchangers, tubes(soda recovery plant).
    Ship Building & Repair
    Removal of marine growths from the hull, bilge keels, rudder and the propellers
    Removal of paint coating from the hull above and bellow the water line
    Stripping and derusting ballast tanks, holds, bunkers and double bottoms
    Removing non skid coatings form carrier  and helidecks
    Cleaning the dock floor and piers
    Steel & Iron Mills
    Primary and secondary descaling in rolling mills
    Coke oven cleaning, Billet mould cleaning
    Pipe, drain, sieve, filter and tank cleaning
    Cleaning billets out of reheat furnace, descaling before first roll 
    Removal of water scale, coke, ore or lime in heat exchangers, flues, boilers, open hearths, furnaces, chutes and hoppers.

  It is impossible to guess the imagination of the customer to use high pressure waterjet cleaning system. However, it is our humble efforts to guide our customers and therefore, here, We have linked some of the applications, applicable for particular industry for more information about other  application please Click Here

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