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 Trailer Mounted Pressure Power Washer


Triler Mounted Pressure Power Washer

If your future pressure washer will be active for the extended number of hours, if you have to operate it outdoors, and mobility is an issue, you need to consider the heavy duty trailer mounted pressure washer. These units come with a heavy duty wand with quick change tips in 0", 15°, 25°, 40° soap tip on hot water and machines over 3.5 gpm. 100' non-marking pressurehose on swivel reel (360 degree spin), adjustable thermostat on hot water washers, 14" wheels, and road ready lighting are only a few features, which make these pressure washers some of the best money can buy . The great advantage of these models is that they can be transported and moved by connecting them to the hook of a truck or a van. Additional advantages include adjustable pressure valve, chemical injection for easy cleaning solution application, nozzle tips for a wide range of cleaning jobs, automatic engine shut off protection if the machine runs dry, trigger gun and heavy duty wand for secure grip and smooth operation.

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