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 Vehicle, Rail & Aircraft Cleaning

High Pressure washer and high pressure jetting system is essential to clean rail coaches, air craft and all types of vehicles. 

PressureJet offers high pressure cleaning pumps and specific accessories for different applications. High pressure water jet cleaning pumps ranging from 2 hp to 100 hp and pressure from 25 bar to 200 bar is available for different applications. 

Many a times, hot pressure washers are required for these industries where oil & grease removal is a task.


PressureJet's Car Pressure Washer / Vehicle Cleaning high pressure cleaner is designed & manufactured with advanced engineering techniques with standard metallurgy. These pressure washers enjoy a fine reputation for quality & reliability as well as minimum maintenance & service. These portable pressure washers find extensive use in two/four wheeler service stations and also in numerous allied & pressure cleaning applications. Considering the pressure washing requirement of vehicles in service stations, industries, commercial and mining, we can offer a suitable model for desired end result of cleaning / washing of vehicles, economically. 

Ceramic plunger, brass or stainless steel head & durable fibre Impregnated Buna-N seal is introduced in these pumps first time in India. The ratio of flow & pressure is designed scientifically. Therefore, optimum pressure cleaning efficiency can be obtained. 

PressureJet has also introduced Variable Angle Nozzle (VAN Nozzle) to clean / wash vehicle surface as per the requirement. There are different electric pressure washers ranging from 1 hp to 40 hp and pressure ranging from 20 to 200 bar. All required accessories like High Pressure Hose, Trigger Operated Gun, Unloader Valve, and Pressure Relief Valve etc. are part of pressure cleaning systems. Detergent pressure washer also can be supplied on request. 

PressureJet has supplied many high pressure washer pumps for Vehicle Cleaning & Car Washing application in different service stations in many countries, which are running successfully.



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