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Water sandblasting Water sandblasting Wet sandblasting

High  pressure water sandblasting is done above and below water.  It is a very controllable cleaning process.  The pressure and flow can be adjusted for any cleaning job from removing surface dirt to stripping chipped  paint  or barnacles.  High  pressure cleaning  is  a  flexible  cleaning system  also.  It  can  be  a  portable,  manual  system with several  guns  to  accommodate hard-to-get-at  spots  or  a portable,  automatic  system  with  a  specially designed oscillation  nozzle  arm  to  follow  the whole  contour  of  the shipís hull.

A high pressure pump is part of a truck-mounted, diesel-powered manual system. The manual system was chosen because it can adapt to the varied cleaning jobs of this contractor who refurbishes small pleasure craft, as well as, larger commercial vessels. The pump delivers 45 lpm and 320 Kg/cm2 of water to remove the most stubborn attackers of these ship hulls. When paint is removed, a rust inhibitor is used to prevent further rust development until the vessel is repainted. It has been found that high pressure blasting is much more effective than the old by-hand method with brushes and scrapers in removing the rhizoid of weed spores or barnacles. The old cleaning methods didnít get at the root of the problem and the growth quickly reappeared.  When the cleaning task is especially stubborn, this cleaning system can be quickly converted to a wet-sandblaster.


  • Paint removal, rust removal, corrosion removal & scale removal
  • Casting Cleaning
  • Ship hull cleaning
  • Clean & peen precision parts
  • Produce and anchor pattern ideal for uniform finishing
  • Deburr machined parts
  • Blend light scratches and tool marks
  • Deflash plastic and metal parts
  • Stone cleaning / designing

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